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Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Abortionists try trauma counseling to boost services.


"A coalition of abortionists in the US has adopted and twisted the language and methods of counselors in post-abortion syndrome in order to boost flagging support and sales in their killing business.

The September issue of Glamour magazine, has published a long article describing the 'new approach' to abortion marketing.

In an attempt to depict the warm and friendly face of abortion, a group of abortion facilities calling itself the 'November Gang,' has added a component to their pre and post-abortion 'counseling' sessions that echoes the language and practices of movements like Project Rachel, even invoking a bizarre form of 'baptism' that can be performed over a steel pan containing the pulverized remains of a woman's child. Mothers, attempting to steel themselves to their intention to kill their children, are encouraged to talk about their feelings of guilt, write notes to their dead children about the 'empowerment' their abortion has given them and include the fathers in the 'grieving process.'

November Gang abortionists admit that the abortion movement's exclusive emphasis on the rights and 'choice' rhetoric has denied the emotional impact of abortion on women. One abortionist at the Northland Family Planning Center in Detroit said that when a woman identifies an abortion with the murder of an innocent person, 'I can't feel good about the work I do and neither can the staff.'

One question asked on the pre-counseling questionnaire at November Gang facilities asks, 'Can you see abortion as a loving act toward your children and yourself?' One woman is quoted after her abortion as saying, 'I felt I knew the being I was carrying. I felt he was my son. I even called him Ernesto. And Ernesto was my reminder that my life was significant and that having an abortion was putting my life first. I know it was really about me.'

Hilary White, spokesman for Campaign Life Catholic said, 'This is the most diabolical twist to the abortion industry so far. To use and deform the conscience, even invoking God's forgiveness for unrepented acts of murder, in order to sell their murderous service is a horrific violation of the women who go to them in trust.'"

Brent Bozell is also on this story.

"But that's not the worst of it. This edition of Glamour also contains advice if that sex goes wrong and she accidentally becomes pregnant. It is, incredibly, this: You can not only get an abortion, but you can feel good about yourself while you do it. A group of abortion clinic operators calling themselves the 'November Gang' is encouraging their customers to write little valentines on pink paper hearts to the babies they've killed.

Glamour finds it 'poignant' that one woman wrote to her victim: 'To my little angel, Please understand that you are better off in the hands of God than mine at this moment.' (This is hard to debate.) 'I smile when I think of you, even if I cry. You have given me reason to be strong and wise and responsible. You will always be my baby. I will see you in heaven, sweetheart. Love you! Love always and unconditionally, your mommy.'

The hearts are posted in one Pittsburgh clinic, 'rows and rows of them taped to the walls.' Some are more fist-pumping feminist notes, such as: 'Women: this is your life and your body. What you think is right ... Is! ... And if you think this is a 'sin,' remember, God forgives!' Glamour reported that counselors push this notion hard to the more religious girls. When one girl says she goes to church every Sunday, the counselor asks, 'Do you think there are any things God considers completely unforgivable?' The clinics also invite more religious girls to 'pray over their fetuses, even to sprinkle them with holy water in impromptu baptismal rites.'

Even abortionists are conceding the 'fetus' is a child of God; it's just a child of God they have the right to kill. Women can be forgiven for abortions, but that requires real regret and repentance, not paper valentines and happy talk. Abortion advocates also disdain this approach. The Glamour article mentioned that 'mainstream abortion rights proponents don't think such candor is helpful.' Kate Michelman of NARAL protests that it's not her job to 'wear every woman's feelings publicly.'

In today's culture we condemn women's magazines for encouraging girls to obsess about their appearance, their weight and the happiness that comes only from cosmetic products like 'deep thermal refinisher.' I'm waiting for the rebuke of these magazines for encouraging girls to indulge in sex without consequences, and when the consequences arrive, encouraging them to butcher them, then air-kiss them with a ridiculous love note."

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