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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A poem sent in by a reader.


To You my unborn child, my son
So much I need to say
To let you know where I was at
On that your dying day

I was so full of fear myself
Incapable to see
That giving life to you my son
Was my responsibility.

A child myself, I did not know
the options that I had
So I made the choice to let you die
Although my heart was sad.

My parents had forsaken me
Disowned me as their own
I could not handle another way
For I was all alone.

The nightmare of that day, my son
It lingers deep inside
For along with you, my precious child
A part of me has died.

Though many years have since passed
And others I have raised
I never have forgotten you
You’re with my all my days.

You’re the child that I never held
Who never got to live
Who never got to feel inside the love I have to give.

The brother my children will never know
The grandson my parents lost
Unwed mother that I was
And you, you paid the cost.

People say that you’ll forget
That time will heal the ache
But I carry the cross of you my son
The child I did forsake.

And on my day of judgment
This cross I’ll bring to Him
Knowing in His mercy
He forgives me for my sin.

For now within my heart and soul
There always is regret
For killing you, my unborn son
God’s child I never met.

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