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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Some new material has been added to Cheryl's page, which I commend to your attention:

"Another aspect of Post-Abortion Trauma is that it doesn't always hit right away. Because the reality of abortion has a way of catching up with everyone, Post-Abortion Trauma acts like an emotional time-bomb waiting to go off in an individual's life. It can go off anywhere and at any knows no statute of limitations.

We know that many people who say they have no regrets speak prematurely. Amy's own words best convey her eventual change of heart. 'For the first six years after my abortion I could have taken a pro-choice sign and marched with it, if I was a more vocal, public person...Finally I became aware of what abortion as a 'procedure' does to both people. I saw the studies on fetal development and reality set in. At first I was angry at not being told, I couldn't figure why I had to ask to be informed... So now, seven years later... I know my life will go on, but I will never be able to forget what I selfishly did to my own child.'

When the emotional time bomb does go off, it can be a cold, frightening, and lonely experience."

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