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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Complicit guilt, explicit healing, from the November 2003 edition of Christianity Today.

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As a Baptist church youth leader, Jerry Little had long preached about the evils of abortion. He and his wife, Debbie, repeatedly opened their home to young, unwed mothers-to-be.

But in 1993, his daughter, Candy, 18, revealed her own pregnancy. Shocked, Little convinced himself that his daughter's case was different and that only an abortion could resolve the issue.

Candy, however, didn't want an abortion.

Little drove his daughter 120 miles from their Amarillo, Texas, home to Lubbock for a clandestine abortion. Once inside the facility, Candy became so distraught that the abortionist refused to do the procedure.

But Little persisted, talking her into the procedure. Two days later, Little and his daughter returned. Although Candy continued to cry uncontrollably, this time the abortionist took Little's money.

When Candy returned to the waiting room, she gazed vacantly in her father's direction and said, "Let's go." He immediately knew their relationship would never be the same.


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