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Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Pretty Stones and Dead Babies.

Chuck Colson of Breakpoint weighs in today on the "November Gang" abortionists.

Colson has a good list of links at the end of his article.

Sanitizing the snuffing of a nascent human life by Herman Goodden in the Toronto Sun and London Free Press is worth looking at.

Goodden writes:

"The policy for November Gang counsellors is to take their language cues from the clients. If a pregnant woman speaks about the new life within her in terms that would be verboten in most such clinics, the counsellors will honour that perspective and draw the client out some more. They believe such non-neutral, value-laden vocabulary bespeaks a woman's true state of mind and that to suppress such concerns and pretend there's nothing more going on than an utterly benign procedure like the removal of a pesky hangnail will only be asking for trouble further down the line.

Many women who've undergone abortions without ever holding such deeper discussions have slipped into tailspins of depression and guilt years later when they come to see the issue from a larger perspective, or go through with a complete pregnancy and understand in a visceral and irrefutable way what gets snuffed out with every abortion."

Thanks to Dogman at The Rough Woodsman for alerting me to the Colson article.

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