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Sunday, October 12, 2003

A Wisconsin correspondent has sent me a copy of an article that appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal on Sunday. The short article doesn't appear to be online.

"Doomed campus trees have following" is about a ceremony held on Thursday, October 9 at Edgewood College to honor some trees that were about to die. Edgewood College is a Catholic college in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here are excerpts from the article:

"Four trees--three oaks and a black cherry--will be sacrificed on Edgewood's campus to make way for a 71-bed dormitory addition to Regina Hall.

Students, with the support of some faculty members, have pitched tents under the trees' branches in protest.

On Thursday, an hour-long service was held honoring the trees, co-organized by faculty, the campus groundskeeper and ministry director Sister Maureen McDonnell.

The chapel service, with 30 participants evenly divided between faculty and students, focused on nature's benefits to society. The commemoration ended beneath the doomed trees with a Native American ceremony honoring the four compass directions. Students beat on percussion instruments accompanied by a recorder. They named and acknowledged each tree before the proceedings culminated in prayer offerings."

According to my correspondent, "Our new Bishop, Robert Morlino, has twice led the Rosary in front of the Madison Abortion Clinic, which among other things performs second trimester abortions. Bishop Morlino led the Rosary during hours that abortions were occurring. No one from Edgewood College was present at either occasion."

As an aside, Dennis Christensen of the Madison Abortion Clinic recently wrote this letter to the AMA Journal. He suggests that MDs should be required by law to refer to abortionists. Here's a response from a pro-life MD in the October 20 edition of the AMA Journal.

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