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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Yesterday I wrote about a little controversy in the National Catholic Register. They had run an article about post-abortion ministry entitled, "The Other Church Abortion Teaching: Mercy". (Class, does anyone know what, besides mercy, the other Church abortion teaching is? Anyone? Anyone?)

A Ginalynne Mielko wrote a letter to the NCR protesting that they had referred to abortion as "a loss" rather than as a "murder". The NCR subsequently published four letters taking Mielko to task for the tone and content of her letter.

I've been following this kerfluffle. After my post about it yesterday, Ginalynne Mielko's husband wrote in my comments box about the lack of charity that was being displayed toward his wife.

Late last night, Mielko herself wrote to me. She sent me a copy of the letter she wrote that was published in the NCR, and a letter she later wrote that they have not published.

I'm glad to have the original letter that caused the controversy so that my readers can judge for themselves.

"Dear Editor:

I must sound off about your article 'The Other Church Abortion Teaching: Mercy'. We must stop putting the spin in sin. The article states 'Unable to forgive herself for her role in the loss of her baby’s life,…'. Aren’t we allowing a misuse of words to pad what truly is. Abortion is not 'Loss'. I lose my keys. Abortion is murder. That is the truth. That is the sin without the spin or play on words. This woman did not 'lose' her child, she murdered it! The article should read 'Unable to forgive herself for her role in the murder of her baby, …' . And that role was the major role. Let’s not fool ourselves.

When are we, as a Church and a community, going to stop spinning (even to ourselves), the severity and nature of abortion? I was disappointed to see that wording in the Register but hopefully, after this letter, you will be more aware of it.

To repent of a sin one must understand the meaning of a sin and the severity of the sin. We must not lessen the severity of this sin - not even in articles which speak of mercy."

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