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Friday, November 28, 2003

During my hiatus, a story broke in England about a 24-week-old baby that was aborted because it had a cleft palate. In England, the law requires that abortions at that stage can't be done for trivial reasons. A Church of England Curate, Joanna Jepson, is taking the police to court because they refuse to investigate. Here's a story that focuses on Jepson.

My fight for life.

"Chester curate Joanna Jepson is taking West Mercia Police to court for failing to investigate the allegedly unlawful termination of a 24-week pregnancy, carried out because the foetus had a cleft palate.

But reporter JESSICA SHAUGHNESSY discovers Joanna isn't just another anti-abortion campaigner. After conquering a jaw defect, she is challenging society's perception that appearance is everything."

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