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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Charges considered for falsely signing abortion consent form.

"MILWAUKEE - Criminal charges could be filed against a 34-year-old woman who police say falsely signed a parental consent form so her son's 15-year-old girlfriend could get an abortion, prosecutors say.

Court records show the girl's mother, who learned about the abortion after it was done, went to police, who investigated and referred a potential charge of false swearing to prosecutors.

District Attorney E. Michael McCann said prosecutor Michael Mahoney 'is looking at it statutorially,' but that beyond that, his office generally does not comment on cases under review. He said he could not recall a similar incident being referred for possible prosecution.

In a request to subpoena the consent form, the district attorney's office said it believed 'that probable cause exists for the court to find (the consent form) constitutes evidence of the crime of false swearing,' a misdemeanor.

The executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life, a group that opposes abortion, said she believed criminal charges were warranted.

But a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Inc., which supports abortion rights, said the situation underscored problems in Wisconsin's parental consent law.

'I haven't heard of criminal charges in Wisconsin or nationally' for a falsified parental consent form, Lisa Boyce of Planned Parenthood said.

However, Barbara Lyons, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life, said 'the law is clear. It is the parent of the minor (or family member) who has to sign, not the parent of the father of the child.'"

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