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Sunday, December 21, 2003

A reader writes:

"So many people who posted on your site recently are so angry. One has to wonder why it is such a problem for them to recognize that abortion does hurt many women.

Putting aside all the legitmate research which does support your claim, how do they discredit the thousands and thousands of women seeking help after an abortion? In our ministry alone we get hundreds every year, and we are just one small ministry in one area of the country.

The pro-choice movement proclaims abortion should be a decision between a woman and her doctor and that she is capable of making her own decisions, yet when these same women are yearning for acknowledgement of their pain, they blow her off as if she were some crazy female incapable of any decisions or feelings. They also are against Right to Know legislation which would help her to make an informed is all so contradictory.

This debate could go on really is not important. What is important is to keep offering hope to those out there feeling like there is not any."

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