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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Children of Life, a musical, premiered in Youngstown, Ohio last weekend.

From their website:

Children of Life is a musical play containing five major characters and twelve original songs. The main character of Children of Life is a woman named Theresa, a once rebellious young girl who twice found herself pregnant- she aborted her first child and gave birth to her second. The character has struggled over the years to come to terms with her two decisions and to grow into a greater appreciation of life. Jonna, the baby she kept, is a teenager in the play, struggling with many of the same issues that Theresa once did, although Theresa is bewildered about how to convey the importance of life, love and forgiveness to her wounded daughter...especially in Jonna’s greatest moment of crisis.

Please read our page for more on this pro-life musical project and how you can share it with your community! "Children of Life" is a small-scaled musical that can easily be performed within your parish, church or organization! You can also submit your essays, poems, writings, or artwork on a pro-life theme to be posted on this page viewed by friends of life world-wide (see the "Community" section of the website).

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