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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Coat Hangers at the Minnesota Silent No More gathering.

Ann Marie Cosgrove is the coordinator of Silent No More-Minnesota. She has sent along a report about this year's gathering, held last Saturday.

Although Ann Marie didn't witness it herself, evidently three pro-choice protestors attended the event and handed out coat hangers to the women who were there as Silent No More representatives to speak about their abortion regrets and about the painful and traumatic emotional aftermath of abortion.

This leaves me temporarily speechless.

Here is Ann Marie's report of that, followed by her general description of the event.

"My understanding is that during the time of the candle ceremony three young women came into the event, helped themselves to hangers from the coat room, and tried to pass them out. They were asking the women who just gave their testimony if they would like a hanger. The hanger is a symbol of what they think will happen to women if abortion is outlawed. What they do not realize is, it does not matter...abortion is abortion is abortion. No matter how it is performed, whether it is legal or not, abortion still takes the life of an unborn child and wounds the mother, hurts the father and affects all of us. They do not get that we need to raise the bar of what we deserve and we deserve better than abortion. We need to recognize that the number one reason for women and young girls having abortions is because they do not have support and resources. We need to eliminate that reason."

Other news from the gathering:

We had three couples speak this year. What an awesome testimony the men gave to the heartbreak abortion causes. I just want to say "THANK YOU" to the guys for standing up and being the righteous men you are. God was looking down on you and saying "Good job, my sons, I am proud of you." To have the men speak out this year was such a blessing.

Ann and Shane needed to leave early so they spoke first. Ann later told me that as they were leaving the building a weeping woman stopped them and said something to the effect of, "Thank you for sharing your story. Now I know I can find forgiveness for what I have done." Ann has had five abortions and four of them were with her husband Shane. Ann got up and said, "Hi, I am Ann and I have had five abortions." I think for anyone there who was not accustomed to hearing the stories this can be difficult to hear, but Ann and Shane have been given the grace to come forward and witness the love and forgiveness of our heavenly Father.

Next were Denise and Brian Walker. Denise and Brian have their own healing post-abortion ministry called "Rich in Mercy". They are also the state leaders for L.E.A.R.N. which is for the African American community to learn more about the devastating effects of abortion on their community. Denise has spoken out a lot about her abortions, but this was Brian's first time with Silent No More Minnesota. All I can say is, "Brian you are a wonderful man and you, brother, are going to be a voice to be reckoned with. You have a real gift and the way you called on the men of the African American community to take on their responsibility was awesome!!"

The other couple was LauraLee and Todd, a beautiful couple with seven children. They aborted their first child. Todd gave a powerful testimony of his failure as a man to protect his family.

The sight of these three couples giving testimony that abortion hurts all of us was incredible but the most beautiful thing about these couples speaking was the power of God. Only he could bring them to a place of healing so that their marriages could survive and thrive. What a beautiful sight to behold as they stood by each other as each spouse took their turn to speak.

We had six or seven women speaking out and as always their testimonies were profoundly moving. As I looked up at each one as they gave their testimony my eyes would water. I can honestly say I have never been around so many brave and courageous women and men. I am honored to call them my friends.

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