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Thursday, January 8, 2004

Gollum's Soliloquy,
posted today on Citizen Link, Gary Schneeberger mentions that when he watched The Return of the King, several people in the audience snickered at the scene where Golllum wrestles with his conscience.

"But when sin, and its terrible power to destroy, becomes just another excuse to share a few giggles and grins, it's an altogether different, and altogether sadder, story.

As Christians we are called to 'love the sinner and hate the sin.' When we laugh at somebody suffering in his sin, don't we have the equation exactly backwards? And if we can't get it right, what hope do we have of helping the culture catch on?

The answer to that question seemed to be 'zero' the other night, when I flipped through the cable channels and happened upon a stand-up comedian who closed her act by thanking the audience for giving her 'the best anniversary of my abortion ever.' Shock doesn't begin to cover my reaction — and I don't shock easily. A joke about murdering babies. In prime time. Not one note of offense sounded by the audience. Lord help us."

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