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Sunday, January 18, 2004

On Friday, I noted that a newspaper in Wisconsin had printed an editorial criticizing the organizers of a Silent No More event in Wisconsin for asking for anonymity.

I've been sent a few emails about that. It appears that the majority of the women attending that event were available to be identified and photographed, contrary to the assertion of the paper. Here's a copy of a letter to the editor written by one of the women who attended.

Dear Editor:

On January 15 a group of women gathered in the North Hearing Room of the
State Capitol to share their personal stories of abortion. 8 or 9 women
spoke publicly giving their names and permission for photos. I was one
of these women. 4 additional women asked for
anonymity. Other women who were also post-abortive came to support us.

I came forward to say that I regret my abortion. I shared my story so
that other women who have been hurt by abortion will know that help is
available from abortion recovery programs. Women do not have to suffer
alone like I did. Help is available. I attended a Rachel's Vineyard
weekend and went through the Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study. Both of
these programs have helped me through the healing process.

Why did the State Journal so viciously attack us in an editorial when
they didn't even have the guts to show up and listen to our stories? We
were attacked for wishing to be anonymous. I don't see the author of
the editorial signing his/her name. I have read numerous stories over
the years in the press where people wish to remain anonymous and that is understood and respected.

Would we have been treated differently, if we had said, "Oh, we loved
our abortions, it was a good time, and nothing bad happened." Last
year, three post-abortive women wrote an op-ed piece for the State
Journal and we signed our names. It was never printed.

Georgette Forney, the co-founder of Silent No More had an abortion and she spoke to 175 students at the University of Wisconsin in Fall 2003. The State Journal never covered
the event. So, who is gagging who?

Your editorial was mean spirited and the writer did not even try to find
out where we were coming from. We deserve to be treated with dignity
and respect. We deserve an apology.

If the intent of your editorial was meant to bully us into silence, some
people will be silenced by your actions.

But I will be silent no more.

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