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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Rachel McNair has a fascinating piece up on National Review Online today, Doing It All For My Baby.

McNair points out that abortion rates are dropping, especially the rate of first-time abortion. She claims that because of the psychological realities of how people change their minds, this drop presents a golden opportunity. if the pro-life community can help understand that the reason for the drop is that abortion is not a good thing:

Luckily new information, and new reasons to change, abound. People thought that abortion legalization would end "back-alley butcher" stories, but instead the horror stories continued and expanded. Experience shows that women are often pressured into abortions (so much for increasing their freedom to choose), and that the aftermath of an abortion can be devastating to women. Researchers have found a link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer. There has been an upsurge rather than a decrease in child abuse. Well-intentioned people have come to discover over time that the alleged benefits didn't materialize, and abortion "rights" didn't help women.

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