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Friday, January 23, 2004

Roe v Wade anniversary events in Florida includes a courageous woman speaking in public about the devastation she experienced after abortion.

"Back then it was a lie," she said, referring to 1979 when she lived in New York and had her first abortion at age 21. "They wanted everyone to believe abortion was just a procedure."

Carolyn Kollegger, 42, wants unmarried couples today to practice self control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. She is now married to the man with whom she terminated her earlier pregnancies.

"They need to get real about what's important in life and what's important in life is not seeking out what is convenient and feels good," she said.

Kollegger said after her third abortion, she awakened from the anesthesia crying, not out of physical discomfort but despair of what she had done. During her earlier abortions, she recalled hearing the sounds of other women waking up in the adjacent room and wailing.

"It was grief and sorrow still in an anesthetic state," she said. "It was more like in your heart you knew what you had done was wrong and couldn't change it."

Carolyn, may God bless you for your courage in speaking out.

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