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Friday, January 23, 2004

This Crosswalk article about the March for Life quotes Silent No More spokeswomen:

At the Supreme Court, the pro-life gathering heard from two actresses who were speaking on behalf of "Operation Outcry: Silent No More" -- a group representing women who feel remorse over their past abortions. Melba Moore and Jennifer O'Neill warned women about the long-term consequences of abortion, an aspect of the three-decades-old ruling that abortion proponents are reluctant to acknowledge.

In an interview with Associated Press, Moore said she had "many abortions" -- more than she wants to count -- and could not escape the guilt until she gave her life to God. But Moore says she hopes to be united with her unborn children in heaven someday. She advises other women who are haunted by their abortions to "give your life back to God on a daily basis so that as it continues to heal and open up, you'll look forward to the day that you'll see and be with your children."

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