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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Women describe pain of abortion, from the Rocky Mountain News.

Abortion offers a momentary choice but a lifetime of regret, grieving women told a chilled noontime crowd outside the state Capitol on Tuesday.

"My name was 'Gullible,' and this is my story," said Joyce Zounis, the first of 14 speakers to tell how they took advantage of legalized abortion, which began 31 years ago this week, and ended up haunted by their choice.

Women who once saw the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision as their answer, are now an emerging movement in the fight to overturn it. Groups such as Zounis' Silent No More are becoming prominent in the now-annual demonstrations. Last year, actress Jennifer O'Neill spoke of her own abortion regrets in the group's first gathering in Colorado.

This year's speakers included Zounis, 41, who had seven abortions and leads the local branch of Silent No More. At the podium, the women shared stories of a litany of problems they traced to abortion, including infertility and suicide attempts.

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