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Saturday, January 31, 2004

You have to wonder how women who have aborted their children would feel about research being done on their aborted fetuses. I know the thought is upsetting to me. There is such a huge danger of this becoming big business. It would come as no surprise to me if some women who saw it as a means for extra income got pregnant and then sold their fetuses for research. Hey, look how many sell eggs and men sell sperm!

Here we have the Catholic university of Georgetown allowing use of cells from an aborted baby. Here is their justification: "The connection to abortion was distant and remote enough so as to not encourage or contribute to abortion in any way." What the heck does that mean? Talk about rationalization! My abortion was over 30 years ago. Does that mean it is ok to use my son for research?

I love my faith (which is Catholic) but it is things like this that confuse the faithful and give leeway to "pick and choose" Catholics.

Update from Emily: For a lively discussion of this, see Amy Welborn and her commentors.

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