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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Below is an excerpt from the LA Times on Feb 17th:

In a windowless clinic wedged between a Mazda dealership and a sports bar, Dr. George Tiller performs thousands of abortions a year, including several hundred on viable fetuses.

In Kansas, as in most states, it is legal to abort a fetus that could survive outside the womb, but only to save the life or protect the physical or mental health of the mother. Tiller is one of just four or five physicians in the U.S. to offer the procedure; women fly in from all over to see him.

Some of his patients are victims of rape or incest. Many have just learned, in their second or third trimesters, that their fetuses have severe deformities and would probably die within hours of birth.

I have worked with some of Dr Tiller's patients. None of the abortions I know of were performed "for the physical health of the mother" . I guess he feels like killing your baby before birth saves your mental health (which can mean anything and does mean you can abort for any reason). These women would be the first to tell you that. I have even seen the pictures he has taken of the aborted babies with their parents in his attempt to make it all seem compassionate and ok. Of course, it is not. In some cases, the baby would have died within a certain time after if that justifies killing it ahead of time! These women, who were distraught because of things they were told during their pregnancy, trusted the doctors and gave in to the procedure even when something inside of them knew it was not right. Don't we all do that at who we think is acting in our best interest. Of course, they later found this to be far from true.

As usual, the LA Times has distorted the truth in their attempt to make what should be unthinkable, okay.

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