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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Feminist campus continues to advance the cause of RU486 calling it a "safe and effective" drug.

One has to wonder if they have done any research on it, or if they think the lives that have been lost are a small price to pay. It is amazing how they build their case for abortion on women's safety and then completely ignore evidence showing how unsafe this abortion drug is. In fact, they continue to promote it even when it is the cause of death for women.

From the Elliot Institute's e-letter


On the heels of the tragic death of Holly Patterson, a California teen who died after being given the RU-486 abortion drug, a British health official has admitted that two women in Great Britain have died since the drug was introduced there in 1991.

Melanie Johnson, Britain's public health minister, revealed in January that the Committee on Safety of Medicines has received information about two "suspected fatal reactions" to RU-486. She was replying to a parliamentary question raised by Jim Dobbin, chairman of the Parliamentary all-party Pro-Life group. However, she did not reveal any other information about the women involved or the circumstances under which they had been given the abortion drug.

Johnson's disclosures have led British pro-life activists to question why this information had not been revealed to the public earlier. And concerns about the safety of women who take the drug have prompted several medical groups in the U.S. to petition the Food & Drug Administration to recall the drug and undertake a thorough investigation into the risks.

Danco Laboratories, producer of the abortion drug in the U.S., sent letters to doctors in April 2002 saying that six women have died from using the abortion drug in North America. The FDA is investigating the Sept. 2003 death of Holly Patterson, who died from septic shock a week after taking RU-486. A county coroner confirmed in November that Patterson's death was caused by a uterine infection resulting from an incomplete abortion.

Pro-life groups have accused abortion facilities of violating FDA protocol by using the drug to abort pregnancies past the FDA's cut-off date of seven weeks, giving different doses of the drug than are recommended, and administering the drugs in two office visits instead of three.

In Holly Patterson's case, clinic staff gave her the abortion drug at the clinic, then gave her a second drug -- to start uterine contractions to expel the unborn child -- to take at home, instead of at the clinic as the FDA requires.

Despite these concerns about "off label" uses and the deaths of women, however, pro-abortion groups in the U.S. and Great Britain have called for health officials to relax regulations of the drug.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which makes referrals for abortions, and the British Family Planning Association have asked the Department of Health to reduce the number of office visits a woman must make to receive the drug. The London Guardian reported that using this second drug -- which pro-abortion groups want women to be able to take at home -- poses the greatest risk to women because of the risk of intense bleeding and incomplete abortions.

I wish I could say I was shocked and surprised.

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