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Monday, February 16, 2004

I have a prayer request...I know this is ecumenical...everyone can pray in whatever way they want, just please keep this girl in your thoughts.

I am currently working with someone who is in a lockdown of a psychiatric clinic because she broke down after her abortion (which by the way, she was coerced to have). In spite of her mental state, she is determined to take to task those who pressured her into the abortion and has a lawyer for the mentally disabled who is working with her.

I will meet with her later this week with a priest I work with. (She is catholic.) Please pray that we support her in the ways she most needs and that she is able to work through some of the pain she has. Of course, we have been given permission to speak about this by the woman, who has suffered from a mental illness for years only to have this experience exasperate it.

So much for free choice...a woman's right and all that stuff. Also for those of you who would attribute her reaction to"Catholic guilt" excuse...if being a Christian makes people admit killing their off spring is wrong, more power to them...

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