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Thursday, February 5, 2004

"NARAL Pro-Choice America, the leading national advocate of personal privacy and the right to choose announced today that it will partner with in its efforts to educate the next generation..." for voter registration.

Here they go again, proclaiming themselves the leading national advocates of the "right to choose". One would hope that someday they see that an informed choice is a good thing so women would know all the facts. They have a right to know their abortions may leave them sterile and unable to have other children...and the facts about the development of their baby...and the fact that they may suffer psychologically, or that they may even die etc etc, but as only have the "right to choose" with NARAL if you agree with the choice they want you to make. Otherwise, they do not trust you to know all the facts. Somehow, you then go from being a women who has the right to make a decision privately with her doctor, to a woman who ought to be socially marginalized because you do not agree with them.

Sad thing is, they will go out there for their voter registration drive lying to all these college women who somehow then believe their lives can be the same after abortion as it was before pregnancy.

In the past week, I have dealt with such horrific issues with teens who underwent abortion. Both are now hospitalized for various related reasons. Do these women matter to NARAL?

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