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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Not that I trust the source of this story (Larry he has nothing to profit!), but the thought that it may be true does not floor me.

Bush is human too.

I hope if it is true, he comes clean and just shares how it affected him, and why he knows abortion is wrong now. He could use it to bring many to healing.

Abortion Claim Hits President.

By Mark Ellis, Foreign Editor

PORNOGRAPHER Larry Flynt says he has "nailed down" his claims George Bush, a pro-life campaigner, arranged for a girlfriend to have an abortion in the 1970s.

Flynt, 61, a failed California governor candidate said: "I've talked to the woman's friends. I've tracked down the doctor who did the abortion, and the Bush people who arranged for the it. I've got the story nailed."

He said he would publish his claims in a book at the height of the election season.

Flynt's mud-slinging comes amid what promises to be one of the dirtiest battles for the White House ever.

Alarmed aides of President Bush want £130million for a campaign to derail the runaway success of Democrat hopeful John Kerry.

Republicans are trying to portray Kerry, a Massachussetts senator for 19 years, as a hypocrite and a political puppet.

Teams of researchers are examining the 6,500 votes he has cast in the US Senate, his donors and his finances.

Kerry, 60, has survived two failed smear attempts. Last night he launched a scathing attack on Bush's treatment of September 11 emergency workers.

"I'm tired of these politicians who show up when the bagpipes are wailing. And then go back to Washington and forget," he said.

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