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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Representative Dwayne Alons of Iowa has proposed legislation that would make a pregnant woman have to present her case in court before she can have an abortion. The fetus would be appointed a court guardian to argue the case on its behalf. Rep Alons believes that not only women deserve to have a voice in the abortion debate.

It is interesting to see all the current legal battles. A friend of mine was a witness for the South Dakota bill. I saw her yesterday and she told me the testimony to support the bill is overwhelming with over 1000 affidavits of post-abortive women to back it up as well as medical evidence. Many professionals also testified including prominent ob-gyn's, psychologists, etc. In this legislation, an abortion practitioner could be fined and get up to five years in prision for performing an abortion, but the woman would not be prosecuted. The premise of the bill was that abortion hurts women. It passed by an 11 to 2 vote. The bill continues to move ahead and its prospects look good for passing in the state.

The Justice Foundation is also reporting that the U.S. Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in Norma McCorvey's Rule 60 Motion to overturn Roe v Wade on March 2nd. Copies of the press release and the bill can be found here .

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