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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Women burn, strangle and stab themselves in jail hell.

Joe Bagguley, who runs the segregation unit at Brockhill, said: 'We are no longer prison officers, we are mental health workers. We are enthusiastic, but we are only amateurs.'

Sometimes it can get too much even for the most experienced staff. Gwynne Jones, who is responsible for suicide prevention at Brockhill, asked if he could have a quiet word during our visit. He said that he wanted to tell us about a woman had been brought in the day before on a petty theft charge. She had come straight from hospital, where she had just had an abortion after being raped. Like so many women in Brockhill she had begun cutting herself, he said, but this one was different. Instead of the usual cuts on the arms or legs, this woman hated herself so much and felt so angry about what had happened that she had slashed open the skin around her vagina. With tears in his eyes, Jones said: 'What is that woman doing in prison? How does my training as a prison officer prepare me for that?'

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