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Thursday, February 26, 2004

You might wonder what "The Passion of the Christ" movie has to do with abortion or the regret of same. Some thoughts of one of our priests today made me think twice about that. He's a good, holy man who chooses not to see the movie because of the violence, however historically accurate. I respect his decision, although I will be seeing it tonight.

My priest friend today said he's talked with many people who saw the film yesterday, who said they cried and felt great sorrow for Jesus for His great pain and suffering. But he thought that not many got the point that "just as human beings did such unspeakable horror to Jesus, it's a reminder that so too can WE do such unspeakable horror to our fellow human beings." He thought that many came out saying they better appreciated Jesus dying to save us from our sins, but hardly any were coming out saying it was a vivid reminder to avoid their own horrible treatment of others.

And all I could think was, isn't that what we've done, as a people, to 43 million babies, and as women, to 43 million of ourselves?

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