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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

As a practicing Catholic articles like this and this posted on the abortion news site for March 23rd drive me nuts. Obviously, you are not really Catholic if your beliefs do not reflect those of the Catholic Church. As far as Catholics for a Free Choice goes...there are none, because if you are in favor of abortion, you obviously are not practicing the Catholic faith. Besides, like everything else they do this piece is filled with lies and is just a plot to make Catholics think it is ok to support abortion.

Besides, I am very tired of them trying to portray this as a religious issue. It is not. Just because a faith upholds something does not mean it is religious issue... It is a moral issue. On the other side, I am also tired of (and refuse to) engage in that slant...I will never apologize for my faith or make someone try to put me on the defensive because of it.

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