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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Baywood Publishing Company has released a new title, Grieving Reproductive Loss: The Healing Process, edited by Kathleen Gray and Anne Lassance.

I'm pleased to see that the book includes abortion as a category of reproductive loss. The publisher's promotional material reads thusly:

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage; one in eighty pregnancies in stillbirth. As many as one in six couples experience problems of infertility. In the United States over one million elective abortions are performed each year; in Canada more than one hundred thousand.

The grief associated with such reproductive losses is often minimized, denied, and considered to be outside the normal "grieving rules" of society. Yet individuals who have suffered these losses can experience profound grief and emotional pain. Their grief needs to be acknowledged by themselves and by others.

Grieving Reproductive Loss: The Healing Process acknowledges the devastating impact these losses can have....Bereaved parents present a special challenge due to the uniqueness of parental grief: they have experienced not only a reproductive loss and the tragic death of a child, but also the loss of part of themselves, the loss of a future life with that child, and the loss of hopes and dreams.


If you click on that link -- this one ---- you'll find more information about the book and a (free) link to its preface.

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