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Friday, March 19, 2004

Because of what they see as a decrease of abortion providers, Nurse Practioners for Choice are attempting to move into doing the actual abortions.

Their claims are no different from NARAL or other pro-abortion groups and the cries of "unsafe" abortions (I am getting tired of that one, especially since they do not seem to care about the women still dying)is their platform for moving into this area.

One has to wonder what would happen is there were an emergency a mid wife was not able to handle. I was surprised to learn that they actually do the abortion here in NY. "In 1994, the New York Department of Health ruled that New York state's "physician-only" requirement did not apply to physician assistants performing abortions under the supervision of a licensed physician, and PAs in New York have been providing safe abortions for their patients for the last several years." I will be interested to know how many people actually realize this.

"One of the goals of Nurse Practitioners for Choice is to influence the curriculum of nurse practitioner education programs". Once again, as with doctors, it looks like nurses are going to experience significant pressure to learn how to do abortions.

The good thing is, I truly believe the general public is finally getting the picture...

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