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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Doctors supporting partial birth abortion testified yesterday in trials across the country.

Dr Fitzhue states he will continue to do PBA abortions even if the ban is upheld. How compassionate! I wonder if the good doctor told how much he makes for these abortions. People I know who have had them paid thousands and thousands of amount that I am sure has made the doctor a very rich man.

They even go so far as to justify the procedure so that the couple can give their fetus a "proper burial". They state " doctors used to hide the fetus from women after an abortion before studies in the late 1970s and early 1980s showed that women grieved less after a failed pregnancy if they get to see the fetus."

I know couples who had late term abortions in Kansas performed by Dr Tiller. Not only did they see their unborn children...the dead baby was dressed for them and pictures were taken of them holding their children. Not one of them has grieved less. Instead, it is another source of torment.

Appealing to people's compassion, making it seem they are compassionate...telling people what to think and feel; this has been the objective of the pro-abortion movement from the beginning. I think they are beginning to lose this battle as more and more people are coming out of the fog and into the light of truth.

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