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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

If this has been handled elsewhere on this blog, apologies, but this story keeps getting worse: Some memos from the files of Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made their way into the hands of the media. Manny Miranda, who works for Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the committee chairman, wrote a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee suggesting that the memos which haven’t yet been seen indicate the liberal Democrat Senators have conducted possibly unlawful activities.

Miranda, in the above interview with Cybercast News Service said that an “abortion profits motive” is driving the Judiciary Committee filibusters of Bush nominees by Democrat Senators. There are about 5 other articles about this on

Here is what Miranda said to “What would be truly shocking to the American people is the profit motive that is involved. It isn’t just about ‘abortion rights’, the battle is about abortion profits. The axis of profits that undergirds the fight in the Judiciary Committee is the axis between trial lawyers - who want particular types of judges who rule in particular ways on their cases - and not the ‘abortion rights’ lobby but the abortion clinics lobby. The ‘abortion rights’ lobby is just a front for something worse which is the abortion clinics’ lobby, represented by the National Abortion Federation.”

He said that abortion clinics make $1,000 on average for every abortion. “The abortion clinics’ lobby is an industry as large as any industry that lobbies in Washington and, when combined with the single mindedness of trial lawyers in trying to obtain a particular kind of judge, the enormity of the money that is behind the Democratic push is astounding and shocking.”

From the first article: Under the subject line "Meetings with Groups on Judges," a June 4, 2002, Democratic staff memo to Kennedy began, "As you know, the meeting with the groups to discuss the strategy on judicial nominations is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:50."

The "groups" with representatives scheduled to attend that meeting were listed and included NARAL Pro-Choice America (the group formerly known as the National Abortion Rights Action League), People for the American Way (PFAW), the Alliance for Justice (AFJ), the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR).

[My note: ALL SEVEN of these groups oppose Bush’s pro-life nominees and actively lobby D.C. to prevent any pro-life judiciary or legislative activity whatsoever. They are the “interest groups” mentioned in ALL of the following:]

An Oct. 15, 2001, memo to Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) complained about an upcoming confirmation hearing for conservative Judge Charles Pickering: "The interest groups have two objections: (1) in light of the terrorist attacks, it was their understanding that no controversial judicial nominees would be moved this fall; and (2) they were given assurances that they would receive plenty of notice to prepare for any controversial nominee."

Later in that same memo, the author wrote: "Recognizing that Thursday's (Oct. 18, 2001) hearing is likely to go forward, the groups are asking that the Committee hold a second hearing on Pickering in a few weeks, when they will have had adequate time to research him fully." That "second hearing on Pickering" was held Feb. 7, 2002.

A Nov. 6, 2001, memo to Durbin stated: "The groups would like to postpone action on these nominees until next year, when (presumably) the public will be more tolerant of partisan dissent."

One day later, another note to Durbin contained the explanation: "There's a reason we do what we do - most of Bush's nominees are nazis [sic]."

A separate Nov. 7, 2001, memo to Durbin from another Democratic staffer on the Judiciary Committee focused on several of President Bush's judicial nominees: "The [special interest] groups singled out three - Jeffrey Sutton (6th Circuit); Priscilla Owen (5th Circuit); and Caroline Kuhl (9th Circuit) - as a potential nominee for a contentious hearing early next year, with a [sic] eye toward voting him or her down in Committee. They also identified Miguel Estrada (D.C. Circuit) as especially dangerous, because he has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino, and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment. They want to hold Estrada off as long as possible."

That memo also contained an assessment of the president's judicial nominees by the author: "Based on input from the groups, I would place the appellate nominees in the categories below." The categories were the "Good," "Bad" and "Ugly." Sutton, Owen, Kuhl and Estrada were listed as "Ugly."

Miguel Estrada is extremely well-qualified, but dropped out finally after being filibustered for about 3 years and thus kept busy away from his family much of that time. Priscilla Owen is described here as follows: “Owen, a Justice on the Texas Supreme Court, has been elected twice to her court. To get there, she had to run for office, and to operate a campaign, she had to accept contributions -- all of them legal, ethical, and a matter of public record…Her record is so exemplary that during her re-election campaign, she was endorsed by every major newspaper in Texas and received over 80 percent of the vote. And when she was nominated to the federal bench, even the American Bar Association gave her its highest rating, ‘Well-Qualified.’”

There’s a lot more to read, but that confirms what we already know: the money machine that is the abortion industry is one powerful and hungry beast. These pro-abortion lawyers and groups are RUNNING the U.S. Senate.

A grand an abortion...1.3 million abortions a year...that's 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS, if my math is right...

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