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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Speaking of signs and shocking people: this is a little bit "old news" but might give others some encouragement. My Attorney General (Connecticut) was the law clerk under Supreme Court Justice Blackmun (whose papers were recently released) who actually helped pen Roe v. Wade. He files Amicus Curiae Briefs supporting every pro-abortion piece of legislation nationwide and is launching an appeal to knock down the PBA Ban Act. We peacefully protested a public speech of his 2 weeks ago, got some really excellent exposure and media coverage. This is the only article still left online; the rest were yanked off within a day (no surprise there). There must have been 300 cars passing by our little group (and my sign, "I Regret My Abortion") in that 3 hours in the rain in a little bucolic, bedroom town that never saw such a thing before.

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