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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

This is straight from Rebecca Porter, the woman whose "MY ABORTION HURT ME" sign was ripped to shreds by John Kerry's staffer in Florida: "I will be interviewed by Joe Rodgers at 2:30 pm EST today for the Bishops Radio Hour. [ The show can be heard on these radio station frequencies: In California: Lemoore: 1240 AM, Madera: 1250 AM, Sacramento: 1620 AM, Stockton: 1230 AM, and in Reno, Nevada: 920 AM.]

Also Wiley Drake would like to interview me tomorrow [Wednesday] on his AM Radio spot at 11:10 EST. This is played in Rochester, N.Y. and other cities.
[I think you can listen live online here.

I also was interviewed yesterday by Susan Brinkmann for the Catholic Standard and Times newspaper in Philadelphia. Please be praying. Thanks, Rebecca"

More big news on this: Kerry Campaign Responds to Woman Holding Sign Opposing Abortion -- GOPUSA

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