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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The writer of the article I posted yesterday from Nebraska State Paper emailed me.

According to him
I saw your comment on StatePaper. I am quite willing to be "truthful." In cases of severe fetal anomaly, I believe it best for all parties that the "imperfect being" be euthanized, whether before or after birth.
Thanx! for visiting our Nebraska newspaper. Usually local feedback contributors just strike and run... Are you willing to stick around for a debate? If so, I'll send in a feedback myself and we can air our arguments publicly, or, we can keep it private by direct e-mail.

I have posted a reply on the comment section of the article. It is obvious anyone with this thinking is not going to listen to dialogue. You have to wonder what can make someone get to this point.

By the talk at Mt Sinai is tonight!!!!

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