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Monday, April 12, 2004

Although my Easter baking and cooking went well, I myself fell sick about mid-day on Easter. That meant that I stayed in bed dozing off and on through Easter dinner. My mother and father came for dinner. I wonder how much longer we will enjoy the pleasure of their company on holidays? Dad is scheduled for hernia repair surgery on Wednesday. The last two times he had this surgery it was done on an out-patient basis but since the repairs did not hold, this time his doctors are doing a more extensive job and he will be in the hospital for two or three days.

My parents prefer to do almost all their socializing within the family. This means that they will rarely come over to our house for a meal or a party if there are any non-family guests.

They allowed their grandchildren to talk them into two games last night. The shouts of laughter are the reason I periodically awoke. They played the game where a story is created by having each person add a new sentence to the story, with the limitation that each person who adds a sentence is only allowed to see the immediately preceding sentence and then they played our new family favorite, "Celebrity", which I highly recommend. If I can find a webpage that describes the complicated rules, I'll post it.

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