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Thursday, April 8, 2004

The April 2004 edition of Vine and Branches from Rachel's Vineyard Ministries has been sent out via email, but is not yet posted online.

It mentions locations that have recently started new Rachel's Vineyard retreat sites. These include Dublin, Ireland; Madrid, Spain; Westcliffe, Colorado; Gainesville, Florida; Lafayette, Louisiana; Fargo, North Dakota; Valley City, North Dakota; Mendham, New Jersey; Staten Island, New York; Akron, Ohio; Ada, Oklahoma; Ocoee, Tennessee; Roanoke, Virginia; and Russia...

"Arrangements for Rachel Vineyard Retreats in Russia have been finalized. Diana Szurley, of the Alaskan RVR team, will be leaving Anchorage on April 23. Her first stop will be in Magadan. She will facilitate three retreats plus a few workshops. Her next stop will be in Vladivostock. Diane will be conducting not only a retreat and training workshop, but plans are for her to speak at a university and to medical personnel."

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