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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I talked in the post below about how abortion often seems important to people who have already been handed a raw deal in life. It can feel like a get-out-of-jail-free card. This is especially true for women who because of the difficult, painful and hard-to-resolve scars of childhood abuse can experience the world as a jail.

I noticed this in Rose's Story at I'm Not Sorry, the webpage where women can relate their experiences of abortion and why they are glad (or at least not sorry) that they made that choice.

Rose writes:

"I have never felt anything but relief when it was over and done and thankful for the lives I did spare from being unwanted."

This implies that the world is a dark place where it is better to be dead than unwanted. Think for a moment about what kind of life experiences might lead someone to feel this way on a deep, unconscious level.

Rose then writes:

No one who is pro-life ever seems to have any idea what to do with all these "saved babies" - I haven't heard any of them offer to take them in, no questions asked, and I suspect many pro-lifers have drowned a kitten or two in their lives.

Rose's world is one where there are no kind people to take care of children, and where (apparently) kitten-drowning is so common that we must suspect that most people have drowned a kitten or two, including many pro-lifers.

Where do people get ideas like this? In my opinion, people get ideas like this when their childhood was significantly damaging and destructive. A world with less child abuse will be a world with fewer abortions, in more ways than one.

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