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Friday, April 2, 2004

Look out MS. Magazine, et al.! "Blyth writes, 'Abortion is the binding pledge of the Spin Sisters sorority. It's an issue where there can never be any equivocation or discussion: pro-choice is the only choice.'"

An eye-opening new book by former top Women's Magazines' Editor Myrna Blyth exposes how those publishing icons have tried to create the illusion that all women are/should be pro-abortion or else be run out of town. My own paper printed a column on this today by HERSPECTIVE columnist Joyce Gabriel (I'd link but it's not online -yet- unlike most of her other columns...we'll see if their selective journalism KEEPS it offline, which I wouldn't put past the editors).

From the above review: "At every chance, the Feminist Majority, NOW and other feminist groups tell women they are oppressed victims of a patriarchal society with their 'rights' at risk with every stroke of George W. Bush's pen. Women in the media parrot these leftist views with relentless determination."

"In a recent interview,...Myrna Blyth...told me, 'Media...loves simple stories, and there is no simpler story than victim vs. villain.' It's no secret who the victims and villains are when women in the media tackle political issues. Abortion is high on their list."

This just confirms what we all already knew. Joyce Gabriel, of the first quote above, also writes in the Conn. Post: "...Blyth points out that that an ABC News/Washington Post (two of the MOST liberal-left media outfits) in Jan. 2003 found that 57% of American women are opposed to abortion as a means to end an unwanted pregnancy. So where's the balance?"

Joyce also writes that these magazines' circulation #s are down and the mags don't know what to do besides running increasingly sensational celebrity interviews "which is why so many of these pieces contain all the substance of a Kit Kat bar."

Go, Joyce! Thank you. Excellent column.

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