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Friday, April 30, 2004

More feedback on the March.

A member at Live Journal has asked people who participated in the March for Women's Lives on Sunday to offer feedback on how they and others around them responded to the small groups of pro-life witnesses, silently holding various signs, including some that read "I regret my abortion".

The whole thread is of interest. I was particularly moved by this young person's experience:

I was at the march, and when my section of the crowd started walking by the first section of pro-lifers (the silent, stoic type), the pro-choicers changed their chant to "Pro-life, that's a lie! You don't care if women die!" It was chanted loudly and in the general direction of the pro-lifers. I automatically started chanting it, too, while simultaneously thinking that I did not like the chant. I then noticed many marchers around me holding their hands in the air in the peace sign, also directed at the pro-lifers...yet still chanting the same seemed very contradictory to me. So I then vascillated between being silent but holding my hand in a peace sign, and chanting while giving the peace sign, too. I was feeling very torn by the whole thing.

I was surprised, I must admit, to see the pro-lifers being so quiet and calm; I had been expecting viscious yelling and Bible-brandishing. Instead, the pro-lifers seemed genuinely heartbroken at/for/because of all of us pro-choicers marching in support of what they believe is murder (which I don't), and because of this, I felt more compassionate for the pro-lifers than I had expected to feel. As soon as we passed them and our loud chanting died down, I marched silently for several minutes, my stomach in knots, just reflecting upon it all...

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