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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sounds of Silence.

by Pia de Solenni in today's National Review Online.

A growing voice is emerging. This is the voice of the woman who's had an abortion, who regrets it, and who feels she was never empowered with adequate information to make a real choice. Some of these women and their supporters countered the march with a silent, peaceful protest.

And the silence worked in at least a few cases. Janet Morana, co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign stood at Constitution and Seventh Streets with a group of about a hundred post-abortion women and their supporters. In the midst of their silence, a woman from D.C. named Shirley came up to two of them. She was holding a Planned Parenthood "Stand Up For Choice" sign and she said, "I can't hold this sign and march with them anymore." She explained that she had lost a child to crib death and then she broke down sobbing.

Rory Conway, a pro-lifer from Washington, D.C., saw women standing with "I regret my abortion" signs confronted by angry marchers. He commented, "The crowded scene was not so unlike the angry mobs of Jerusalem on Good Friday, and I recall that Christ, in the midst of his detractors, kept his silence. In the midst of a war of words, perhaps only silence can provide the seedbed of peace."

Although there are a number of women who would be empowered simply by more information, many women in unplanned pregnancies need more than information. They may also need tangible support and protection from families or boyfriends who are insisting that they abort.

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