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Monday, May 10, 2004

A friend wrote me this morning:

"This is the first Mother's Day since my abortion that I have actually thought of myself as a mother, so it has never really affected me before. This morning in church, they were honoring mothers, as they should, but it just hit me really hard. They talked about all the wonderful qualities of a godly mother and gave out carnations to all of the mothers in church. During this, all of the negative thoughts started. 'Yeah, you may be a mother but you sure didn't have any of these good qualities and you sure don't deserve any recognition.' I almost started crying right there in church because of all of the negativity I felt right then. I just felt so sad and alone then.

However, tonight when I went back to church, my pastor's wife pulled me aside and said, 'I have been praying for you all day. I am sure this morning was hard on you. How are you doing?'"

I asked my husband over the weekend how he thought the Church might best respond to mothers who lost their children to abortion, who later came to understand the exact nature of what happened that day.

After some reflection, he said, "Jesus would say, 'Even more tenderness.'" I'm so glad my friend found that in her pastor's wife.

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