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Thursday, May 27, 2004

I first heard of the relatively new post-abortion ministry, A Choice to Heal, several months ago. Michael Ferris is the founder and we've been exchanging notes.

I knew that their first one-day workshop to help women recover from abortion was to be held last Saturday, May 22 and meant to post a prayer for them, but then the blog template blew up.

Mike did email me about how the day-long retreat went and gave me permission to post his report here. By the way, even though Mike is based in Connecticut, the mini-retreat was held in the Bronx.

It was a very great success with 12 women participating and between them there were 60 abortions. God did a very powerful work, bringing healing and breaking strongholds over their lives and truly setting them free. The whole day was nothing short of miraculous. What a blessing it was to see these women at the end of the day reclaiming their dignity and sense of self-worth and returning to their lives with a joy and liberation that has been absent from their lives for some time. The whole day was very beautiful.

How wonderful to see the Holy Spirit working in so many ways to heal the weary hearts of women who have lost their children to abortion.

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