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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

In The Other Man: A Love Story, former model Michael Bergin details his relationship with John F. Kennedy's future wife, Carolyn Bessette.

As one of the vox populi reviewers says at Barnes and Noble, "When life throws you a tragedy, what better way to express your anguish than to write an extended version of every national enquirer issue, combined into one sorry excuse for a tragic love story, and to make money off of it."

As another reviewer says, "How could a man reveal medical details that are embarrassing to a dead woman's family? If he had left out the abortions and the miscarriage, it would be still be filled with enough gossip to sell books."

To the extent that Michael's book got much attention, it seems to have been because of his claim that Bessette endured two abortions during their relationship.

The New York Post has Bergin saying that Bessette had a very hard time of it emotionally afterward.

Access Hollywood writes about an interview between Bergin and a television network interviewer:

In October of 1993, a year-and-a-half after Carolyn and Michael began the relationship that would eventually rock the new Camelot to its core, Bessette told Bergin she was pregnant.

"Did Carolyn have an abortion?" Nancy asked Michael.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Was that your child?" she continued.

Again, Bergin said "yes."

But when she asked if the couple ever considered keeping the child, Bergin was reduced to tears.

"No, no. I mean I tried to talk to her about it but it was out of the question. I just feel bad for what she went through. She was just, she was crushed and I'm partly to blame. I did that to her," he revealed, fighting back the tears.

Michael said the following March, Carolyn became pregnant again and had yet another abortion. After that, the two drifted apart and Carolyn eventually married JFK Jr.

Others who write about Bessette, in this case in a report on CBS, focus on her emotional difficulties, too:

"In 1999, Klein says, the couple began marriage counseling but after four months, Bessette Kennedy stormed out when the therapist mentioned her drug use."

Poor girl.

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