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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign has sent out a May-June email update. Some excerpts:

Our last communication focused on preparation for the counter-event we held in Washington DC standing against the pro-abortion March for Women’s Lives. We’ve posted comments and reflections from some of those who participated on our website. I encourage you to visit Reflections and read their reports. It was a powerful day of witnessing to people who didn’t like our message but we had some incredible testimonies of things that happened while standing silently and holding our signs!

Kate Norris at NOEL (800-707-6635 or Kate) is working
to contact people interested in leading Gatherings in September and Healing Services in October. Please be in touch with her if you want to be an event leader this fall. Also we encourage you to share information about the Campaign with others who have abortion experience and invite them to join us in being silent no more!

An idea that many of us have thought about is being done by Chris Jackman and Stacy Lynn Massey. They are putting together a directory of all the abortion recovery programs available nationwide. Whether they are done at pregnancy centers
or in churches or wherever..they want you to get in contact with them and get your program registered. Click here to link to their website page that has info about the directory:
Abortion Recovery Directory. Please know this is a very important endeavor that is very important to the Campaign. As we grow in our efforts to raise awareness we are reaching more people who need to connect with abortion recovery help. This directory will help get them connected. If you know of programs, please forward this to them and get them connected to the directory!

We have produced an 18 minute video of this years Gathering in Washington, DC. You can order a copy for a $10 donation. Please email Silent No More or call 888-PFL-3448.

Please consider attending the Rachel’s Vineyard - Rachel Network Leader’s in Ministry Conference 2004: "Let Your Light Shine" June 21-24. The location: Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC. Both Janet and Georgette will be speaking at the four-day conference. The Cost: $280 per person. If you have questions or need assistance, please email Martha Shuping.

Angelina Steenstra from Toronto, Ontario made history on May 13th by holding the first Silent No More Awareness Campaign event in Canada! Ten women and one man spoke in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol, in front of the Parliament Buildings. It was incredible and many people were touched by the Campaign’s message spoken so eloquently through the brave women and men in Canada!

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