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Monday, May 3, 2004

The words became blurred and blended together: death, journals, drinking, pills, hurt, abortion. Abortion?

Excerpts from "Where Is My Rainbow?", a new book written by an aunt whose niece committed suicide five months after an abortion.

One night, after a night of drinking, Shelly went into her living room. She had poster-sized wall hangings of the serenity prayer and the poem, "Try again." She took a photo of her mother with her mother's father. Both dead. Next to the pictures she placed a bottle of aspirin, an old prescription drug, Benadryl and a bottle of vodka. Shelly took some of each drug and washed it down with the vodka.

She went into her bedroom. Above her bed was a photo of the Lord's heavenly banquet. On the side of her bed were two angels. Shelly put her rosary around her neck. An empty bottle of holy water was on her dresser. She opened her journal to the day of her abortion. She laid her head on her pillow. She fell asleep. She never woke up.

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