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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

EBay founder gives $1 million for helping kill human embryos.

Pierre Omidyar, Ebay’s founder and a billionaire, gave the money to help pass a California law donating taxpayer-billions for embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). Which destroys live human embryos, and in this case, even creates them for just that purpose.

The proposed law would turn over $3 billion of taxpayer funds to this “research.” Three billion. $300 million each year, for ten years.

We’ve already covered the Embryos-are-living-humans issue. I don't think any of our readers really dispute this truth any longer, or if they do, they remained silent in the comments section on that issue. (The one lone dissenter back then asked why we thought "embyros have a greater right to life," thus indicating his/her acceptance that they were both a) human and b) alive.)

We also covered there how Adult stem (AS) and cord-blood stem cells successfully have treated leukemia, anemia and lymphoma and have restored dead heart- and spinal cord- tissues, and how over 3,500 transplants worldwide from these cells culled from the pancreas, muscles, corneas, bone marrow and neurons have proven effective, while ES cells have not. (I'm thinking it doesn't hurt to repeat that part).

Just think, every time we put in a bid and buy or sell something on EBay, we put money in billionaire Omidyar’s pocket. And now he takes a million of that money and spends it to help destroy more human beings.

Food for serious thought whenever we logon to EBay and buy or sell something there. Another thought: ten years ago, we were without EBay and probably “managed” some other way.

As Don Henley sang, “Everything matters, everything matters/ Everything you say, everything you do.”

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