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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hispanic Voters Take Note: Another Reason Not To Like Kerry

Linda Chavez's article is also found here. Has anyone seen this news on their Sunday front-pages? No one? How about Saturday’s, the 17th? Or maybe the 16th, or the 15th, or the 14th? How about the opening story on the 6 o’clock news on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN et. al. any night this past week?

No, you didn't, and you won’t.

This is posted for all those who’ve argued with me (literally or in their heads) when I’ve said that the major mass media is left-leaning biased and will do Just. About. Anything. to get/keep any Republican out of the White House (Pssst. It's called "Yellow Journalism"). I’m surpised my liberal, pro-abortion, local paper even carried this particular column.

The "comedian" made the analogy, and Kerry/Edwards were mute in distancing themselves from or chastising the remark, that if you’re Hispanic and vote for Kerry, you’re wonderful. If you’re Hispanic and you vote for Bush, you’re like a cockroach.

Change this story’s words “Kerry,” “Edwards” and “Democrat” to “Bush,” “Cheney” and “Republican,” and you would’ve had daily headline ink all over your hands about it since the early editions of all those newspapers came out the next day, and Congress or someone would have been calling for Cheney’s head and job, after the requisite public apology/feathering-and-tarring. We’d have Daschle/Kennedy/Boxer/Clinton/pick one (they're interchangeable), all in big quotes about how they would never allow such debasement of any group, but especially the Latino population in this country. Oh, not US!

To call anyone a “cockroach,” even in jest, is appalling. And yet there they were, yukking it up: ”Kerry even opined that ‘every performer tonight ... conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country,’ while Edwards noted that ‘this campaign will be a celebration of real American values.’”

Values, eh? It gets worse, too, to learn that he’s actually courting the Hispanic vote by playing to their Catholicism.

Hey, Mr. Kerry, with friends like you, the Catholic Church doesn’t need any enemies.

Sorry if anyone is reading this before breakfast. Getting down off soapbox now.

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