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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

More blog reactions to the weekend piece in The New York Times about selective reduction of triplets here and here.

The second is a series of interesting responses from people who are pro-choice.

Another must read at Hugo Schwyzer's blog and here where pro-choice feminist Trish Wilson writes about "When is an abortion okay, and who gets to decide."

In her long post, Trish Wilson attacks Project Rachel, suggesting that this type of approach to reactions after abortion is harmful to women. I've asked in her comments box if she can say more about why she believes this.

See also Amy Richards and The Bigger Picture at Sed Contra.

And Oswald Sobrino comments on the role of the triplet's father:

The boyfriend-father is an abject figure. He seems hesitant at going through with the killings, but meekly bows to the madness of the mother by playing the politically correct role of submitting all to the mother's choice. The boyfriend is not a father in any moral sense. He has morally castrated himself. He has no manhood. He will "make love" in the future with the murderer of his children.

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