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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Our friend Peter Nixon (of the archived blog Sursum Corda) has asked me, and I'm asking you all, please, to take a moment and offer up a hope, a wish, a prayer, for someone who really needs it right now: "I wanted to ask for your prayers for someone I blogged about a few months ago. She was an 18 year old college student who found herself pregnant and was wrestling with the decision of whether to welcome the child. Thankfully, that was her choice. Her baby boy was born a few days ago, about two months early, and is now clinging to life in the NICU. So please pray for him and for his mom."

Thanks, all. Maybe try to keep them in your thoughts and prayers over this next two or three months, too...just a short, "Please, Lord, take care of them," whenever you think of it, will do.

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